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Auto Accidents

Suffering from a recent car accident?

Massage can help!


Sprains, Strains, Whiplash, Muscle Spasms and more can all benefit from Medical Massage.

If you have an open claim and a prescription for massage from your medical doctor, chiropractor, or other physician, Bryan can bill your auto insurance company for you, taking the stress and the worry out of getting well.

In Oregon, All Auto Insurance Policies, (even Liability) cover you in case of Auto Accident Injury. This coverage is called Personal Injury Protection, (PIP).  PIP covers up to $15,000 of reasonable and necessary medical expenses in case you are injured in an accident. Medical Massage may be a reasonable and necessary part of your auto accident injury recovery, especially if you have sustained any soft tissue injury.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Bryan cannot prescribe Medical Massage; he can only provide the service. First, you need a doctor’s prescription for massage before it can be filled.


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